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Last Night in Architecture: NYC

ST[Making Things]RY hosted +Pool and The Lowline founders to talk shop at work shop tables set up as part of the serial pop-up retail space’s latest partnership with GE - using Makerbots to bring maker-culture to Chelsea and the Highline. Moderated by Jenna Mcknight, the discussion touched on the uncertain future of public design after Bloomberg’s administration while the 3D printers remained politically neutral offering only miniature plastic replicas of the US Capitol that fit ambivalently into the palm of your hand. 

For those who were decidedly decided, Storefront for Art and Architecture offered a discussion on Socialist Architecture. Although unheated, the wedge was warmed by a standing room only crowd and the glow of LCD’s broadcasting a Skype interview with Berlin based photographer Armin Linke. The flickering screens and reflective ribbons ( designed by Leong Leong) provided the perfect post-modern hearth around which Pedro Gadanho recounted a spooky solo slumber party in an abandoned  seaside communist UFO/Hotel.


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